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SpiegaAutore della settimana
Alberto De Matteis

Alberto De Matteis è nato il 18 febbraio 1940 a Pisignano (frazione di Vernole, provincia di Lecce),...(continua)

autore della settimana Le sue poesie

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Patrizia Ensoli

Solo una donna, nient'altro ...(continua)

Autore del mese Le sue poesie

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Autumn with you

Autumn with you
There’s a fragrance in the air
in the ground after the rain
that has this sweet- scented smell,
it’s so pleasant and fresh
I’d stay here the whole day...
Your presence is my joy
although it’s only in my soul.
I close my eyes, and look together
at…leggiLeggi poesia
Poesia in esclusiva
Poesia in Inglese
Poesia con accompagnamento musicale
Club Scrivere franca merighi 42 23/09/2017 05:47| 135 109

Make Room! (Fate largo!)

Make Room! (Fate largo!)
Make room!
Let's go to watch the moon
the sky is full of stars
this beauty will make you swoon!
Let's go and celebrate
the day is born with joy
Come to see and enjoy
how our Father's great!
The sun is shinning
the birds are singing
the wind…leggiLeggi poesia
Poesia in esclusiva
Poesia in Inglese
Club Scrivere franca merighi 42 02/09/2017 05:42| 103 86

The way I miss you

The way I miss you
Although you're
in my heart,
I miss you
Although you're
present in my life,
I miss you
I miss the air you breath,
the water you drink,
and the sun that warms you.
The stars, the moon the sky,
that are above you
I miss them too!
Even the…leggiLeggi poesia
Poesia in esclusiva
Poesia in Inglese
Club Scrivere franca merighi 42 17/08/2017 03:06 1| 183 163


The hosts do not like me
guests do not receive me
in my eyes
a thousand disappointed dreams arose
i'm distant from loved…leggiLeggi poesia
Poesia in licenza Creative Commons
Poesia in Inglese
Sanja Atanasovska 26/07/2017 23:05| 118

Punctilious silences

Punctilious silencesIt sparkles the lighter gold
of your eyes
between folds
of prosperous cushions;
at this dawn
which is about to bloom
a…leggiLeggi poesia
Poesia in Inglese
Luca Falangone 22/07/2017 05:39| 62

Psycho Killer

I was walking over embittered waters
tasting drops of the golden rains
when I thought I saw the grimly slater
planting morbid delusions into my brain.

His vorpal claws made creaky noises
as he climbed down the undone roof
behind me, I noticed…leggiLeggi poesia
Poesia in esclusiva
Poesia in Inglese
Alessia De Gennaro 03/07/2017 19:43| 253

Rock'n'Roll Fever

Save the animals!
Save the people!
If you try to figure out the sense of this poem,
you'll get the Rock'n'Roll fever.

Save the Baulan turtle
who is climbing a mountain
and the Magellanic penguin
drinking from a fountain -
and all those…leggiLeggi poesia
Poesia in esclusiva
Poesia in Inglese
Alessia De Gennaro 02/07/2017 01:41| 227


An infinite sequence of whole numbers,
starting with one, followed by one.
One and one are two, one and two are three and so on.

And I can find you in nature,
when I'm looking at a sunflower,
smelling its fragrance...

The farther I'm…leggiLeggi poesia
Poesia in esclusiva
Poesia in Inglese
Alessia De Gennaro 25/06/2017 15:58| 285

The Forgotten Mariner

With my ghost ship I navigated
symmetrical diamonds of lost souls,
sucking in the conflagrant fire of a victorious…leggiLeggi poesia
Poesia in Inglese
Alessia De Gennaro 24/06/2017 17:07| 267

A Metal Love Story

Can't you hear the heavy sound
emanating from my heart?
It makes your ears scream out loud
when my metallic claws tear you apart.

I'm the warrior of the nether world
if you want to life - don't say a word.
The evil music you will not miss
tell…leggiLeggi poesia
Poesia in esclusiva
Poesia in Inglese
Alessia De Gennaro 23/06/2017 04:45| 378

Martial Dragon

After the single son of Hohodemi died,
the wish of Amaterasu remained still unfulfilled
that a progeny will rule the Land of the Rising Sun.

So she gave to the eldest and the recent son of the prince,
Isetsu and Jimmu Tenno, strength and…leggiLeggi poesia
Poesia in esclusiva
Poesia in Inglese
Alessia De Gennaro 17/06/2017 17:57| 372

System of Reality

The circle of infinity – interrupted.
My tiny thoughts are seeming strenghtless,
passing through layers of consciousness.

And when I see you in a thousand ways
I understand
that everything emanates from the love that I bear;
the biggest fear I'll…leggiLeggi poesia
Poesia in esclusiva
Poesia in Inglese
Alessia De Gennaro 16/06/2017 23:41| 309


Walking straight and fast
under the menacing light of the Hunter's moon
fingers are trembling, forehead's sweating
the church bell's chime will be the last I'll hear.

Who are you, standing there?
Or are you just a tree?

Walking faster,…leggiLeggi poesia
Poesia in esclusiva
Poesia in Inglese
Alessia De Gennaro 09/06/2017 01:16| 340


Standing in front of the mirror
counting the annual shoot
time trickles in reverse
two hollows staring back.

A lightning stroke could have saved me
but no pity it has with me
life stripped me of its assets
for no longer I'll dare to live.

My…leggiLeggi poesia
Poesia in esclusiva
Poesia in Inglese
Alessia De Gennaro 07/06/2017 16:42| 311

The Iron Woman

I'm a woman
who needs the reflection
of a constant rime.

I'm the woman
who dreams endlessly
of drifting through space and time.

I'm a woman
who doesn't know
when she's swimming too deep.

I'm the woman
who sees the wolf
in a…leggiLeggi poesia
Poesia in esclusiva
Poesia in Inglese
Alessia De Gennaro 06/06/2017 20:10| 299

Like a tattoo

Like a tattoo
You're always in my mind
and nobody can erase you
even if I was blind
you'd continue to be there
like a star in the big blue
like a rose that heaven drew
with an indelible ink,
like a beautiful tattoo
that will never disappear
although I feel…leggiLeggi poesia
Poesia in esclusiva
Poesia in Inglese
Poesia riproposta
Club Scrivere franca merighi 42 31/07/2016 21:00| 833 781


RainThe rain is a forgotten memory,
with the colours of the night
and she tells us about strange things
which come to us
as…leggiLeggi poesia
Poesia in Inglese
Luca Falangone 25/04/2017 06:30| 118

Enchanted garden

Enchanted gardenThe night is a small flower,
the day is a longer journey;
I’m staying here,
in the liquid shell
of the time,
blind…leggiLeggi poesia
Poesia in Inglese
Luca Falangone 09/04/2017 09:50| 112

The lions of Kings Langley

You were thrusted at the crease
without an oiled bat
the miniest of the minnow
you were considered a gnat.
But the sorcerers duo
with their histrionic
mighty bellow
were concocting magic portions
to bewitch any fellow.

Like a ship maiden…leggiLeggi poesia
Poesia in esclusiva
Poesia in Inglese
Franco Campana 08/03/2017 16:58| 293

Rejected things

Rejected thingsI don’t know english so well
to say my name in different letters,
to praise your voice
when you ask me
for something…leggiLeggi poesia
Poesia in Inglese
Luca Falangone 22/01/2017 13:34| 165

Senza Titolo


Nota alla poesia
George Michael (25 december 2016) leggiLeggi nota

Poesia in Inglese
Luca Falangone | 196

Winter firs

Winter firsIf everything came into begin
from one of those sites
in which you can never get
for a few moments
we would envy
the…leggiLeggi poesia
Poesia in Inglese
Luca Falangone 07/12/2016 12:06| 152

Wating for nothing

Wating for nothing
How sad it is to wait
for someone who's out of reach
for someone who won't arrive
although you love him so…leggiLeggi poesia
Poesia in Inglese
Club Scrivere franca merighi 42 19/11/2016 14:53 1| 261 229

The tempest

The tempestIf now the rain was a doubt,
an unpleasant one,
I could linger
on your mouth
to focus on
its stormy tempests
and to…leggiLeggi poesia
Poesia in Inglese
Luca Falangone 19/11/2016 11:48| 177

Giant red moon

Giant red moonGiant red moon,
chrysalis soaked
of shiny appearances,
moor on my neck
or on my belly,
make me a sharer
of that…leggiLeggi poesia
Poesia in Inglese
Luca Falangone 14/11/2016 16:29| 198

Only shy

Only shyI want to be happy
hands up!
Today it's the best day to cry
and so on,
upward with your shoulders,
say hallo to my…leggiLeggi poesia
Poesia in Inglese
Luca Falangone 01/11/2016 05:54| 284

Once I dreamed

Once I dreamed
Even the most inspired painter
could never guess the colours
of those magnificent flowers
that grow among the…leggiLeggi poesia
Poesia in Inglese
Club Scrivere franca merighi 42 15/09/2016 06:25| 272 247

My faith

My faithOH my God!
where's my faith?
The one I had
when I was a child!
So much I loved you.
So much I believed on you,
and…leggiLeggi poesia
Poesia in Inglese
Club Scrivere franca merighi 42 08/09/2016 11:38| 323 296

Blue memories

Blue memories  Magical shores
of salted water
and temptations oriented
to past seasons
find themselves lazy
while a hidden…leggiLeggi poesia
Poesia in Inglese
Luca Falangone 04/09/2016 11:50| 244

Too old

Too old
When you realize
that years have passed
and you're alone
when you open your eyes...
Then you percieve
that time has…leggiLeggi poesia
Poesia in Inglese
Club Scrivere franca merighi 42 30/08/2016 09:07| 333 283

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